San Francisco Family Session - Mandy

Happy 2017!  I know I am kind of late, but better late than never?  I was able to capture these fun holiday photos for Mandy right before Thanksgiving.  Sebastian was only 5 months but he is a big as a 9 month old.  We started the family session inside the house where they feel most comfortable.  Sebastian, the little one was well fed and just woke up from a nap, so he was very happy for me.  

Big tip for preparing for your next family session is to make sure your baby is fed and schedule the photo session at a time when the baby just woke up from their naps.  

Adeline is almost 5 year old, I can definitely feel the jealousy coming from her towards her little bro.  Something I can relate to being a big sister of 3 little brothers haha .  She loosen up when we walked to the beautiful Kohl mansion for some mother and daughter photos.