New York City Engagement Photos - Kyle + Sam

I am beyond excited to share this blog post.  I still get butterflies in my stomach looking at these photos!  I was in New York with my friend Charmaine early June.  She was meeting her client Kyle and Sam who are her 2017 wedding clients that are in New York for vacation.  She decided to fly to New York from Canada and photograph their engagement photos.  At the time I just decided to take on photography full time so I asked her if I could come along.  I am so glad I was there to learn from her and to capture these beautiful photos!!  

kyle and Sam are a sweet couple, they are fun and adventurous.  We photographed them from central park, to the grand central station to the Brooklyn bridge and even time square!  I am so glad I took on this adventure so early on in my business, it definitely opened my eyes to wanting to meet more people, to travel as much as I can and most importantly to capture memorable moments for these people I meet, places I've been.

Enjoy the photos!  If you like them, don't be shy to give me a thumbs up or share with your friends and family :)


If you are interested to see some of the behind the scenes of my new york trip, I vlogged while I was in NY and you can see those vlogs on my youtube channel:

Please also check out Charmaine's website for her great work: